Alan Wake Trainer

Alan Wake Trainer

Alan Wake v1.03-v1.05.16.3541 Plus 11 Trainer.

Trainer Options:

  • NUMPAD1 -immortality
  • NUMPAD2 -unlimited amount of Ammo
  • NUMPAD3 -you do not need to reload weapons
  • NUMPAD4 -infinite number of batteries for flashlights
  • NUMPAD5 – unlimited use of flashlight
  • NUMPAD6 -running without any restrictions
  • NUMPAD7 -infinite number of flares
  • NUMPAD8 – unlimited vehicle lamps Lighting
  • NUMPAD9 -indestructible vehicles
  • NUMPAD0 -single attack kills enemy
  • NUMPAD + -faster movement (NUMPAD. off)
  • NUMPAD- -slow movement (
  • HOME -disable all facilities

Author: FLiNG

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