Cyberpunk 2077 – 0% Save Game (Modded, All Paths)

Cyberpunk 2077 - 0% Save Game (Modded, All Paths)

Save Game 0% modded for Cyberpunk 2077 PC (1.06, All Paths).

Save Game Details:

The saves are all in the file folder and are as listed:

  • Corpo – Male – Save 26
  • Nomad – Female – Save 27
  • Street Kid – Male – Save 30

All saves have:

  • 0% Game Completion – Start of the game.
  • Level 50 – Max level from beginning.
  • Level 50 Street Cred – Max street cred from beginning.
  • $9,999,999 – Max money from beginning.
  • Base Level 6 Attributes – For those who may not want to overpower their characters from the start and play somewhat legitimately.
  • 70 Attribute Points – Enough points to max out all Attributes to 20 if desired, or just enough to place them as you feel during game progression.
  • 400 Perk Points – Enough to get all perks maxed out, then you can put the rest in the perk pools once you have maxed skill progression.
  • 999,999 MaxDocMK3 – Good for use, breaking down for parts, or selling for money. No carry weight.
  • 9,999 Crafting Components (All) – Maximum of all crafting parts, weapon and quickhack.
  • Legendary Arm Mods (All 4) – Mantis Blades, Projectile Launcher, Gorilla Arms, Mono-wire.
  • Legendary Second Heart – Revive if killed.
  • Johnnys Full Outfit – Aviators, Samurai Jacket, T-Shirt, Pants, Shoes, no upgrades done.
  • Johhnys Pistol – Base pistol when picked up from mission, no upgrades done.
  • Overwatch Sniper – Base sniper when picked up from mission, no upgrades done.
  • Widow Maker Rifle – Base rifle when picked up from mission, no upgrades done.


You must move the “Manual Save xx” files into your directory.

Insert saves under the directory:

  • %userprofile%\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077

Saves may overwrite those with the same manual save number such as: Manual Save 30 may overwrite Manual Save 30 if you have it already.

Backup saves you may want to keep from the same directory as listed.

Notes: If the save is not showing this may be due to Steam Cloud, so make sure to disable this on start up after inserting it for the first time. In order to do so, Click Steam at the top left corner, click Settings, and then click Cloud. Inside this, un-check “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization” and click OK at the bottom to save your changes.

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