DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin – NG Save Game

DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin - NG Save Game

Save Game 100% for DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin – v1.0.

Save Game Details:

DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin Ultimate Perfectionist Savegame NG.

A list of remaining tasks for NG of Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin:

–  Get the Pharros’ Lockstone I forgot to pickup (Aldia’s Keep, second Bonfire – the room full of green liquid bottles)
– Also there is a Illusory Wall which I forgot: Servants’ Quarters bonfire(the wall is near the exploding guy) – the treasure contains 2x Rouge Water
– Upgrade your Estus Flasks with Sublime Bone Dust at the Far Fire
– Trade the remaining Estus Flask Shards with Shanalotte for full amount of Estus Flasks
– Dragon Shrine:
– Kill Dark Spirit Dragon Fang Villard, get the Petrified Egg, Petrified Something, Crystal Magic Weapon + Fragrant Branch of Yore
– Kill the Dragon Knight with two Black Dragon Greatswords
– Join remaining Covenants:
– Bell Keepers: Crazy Belfry Guard, Belfry Luna or Belfry Sol
– Rat King Covenant: The Rat King, Grave of Saints or Doors of Pharros
– Brotherhood of Blood: Titchy Gren, Undead Purgatory
– Dragon Remnants: Magerold of Lanafir, Petrified Egg, Iron Keep
– Company of Champions: in Majula
– Join the Bell Keeper Covenant and farm Mad Warrior Set and Berserker Blade, Belfry Sol
– Complete the Milfanito quest line: spend Key to the Embedded in Drangleic Castle and get items as reward: Ring of the Dead(Castle), Divine Blessing & Fire Seed(Shrine of Amana)
– Buy all ladders, Laddersmith Gilligan, Majula
– Buy the Ladder Miniature for 7,999 souls, Laddersmith Gilligan
– Complete the quest line of Royal Sorcerer Navlaan(Aldia’s Keep) and get items as reward: Dispelling Ring, Simpleton’s Spice, Forbidden Sun, Unleash Magic, Chaos Set
– Use 4x Fragrant Branch of Yore:
– Aldia’s Keep, petrified Ogre(Dragon Acolyte Mask)
– Aldia’s Keep, petrified Hollow near the staircase(2x Bonfire Ascetic)
– Aldia’s Keep, petrified Hollow near the dragon skeleton(2x Wilted Dusk Herb, 2x Elizabeth Mushroom)
– Shaded Ruins, petrified Lion Clan Warrior for another Warlock Mask(near two large barrels, where the Golden Lion Warrior was)
– Get the transparent Aurous Set from Maughlin the Armourer by spending 15,000 souls at his shop in Majula and speak to him with no souls
– Talk with Alsanna, Silent Oracle and obtain the Loyce Set, Alsanna’s Soul and the Ivory King Set(sold by Maughlin the Armourer in Majula), Grand Cathedral
– Kill the two Knights, Frigid Outskirts
– Get all NPC rewards by spending a certain amount of souls or trading Boss Souls, buy armor sets and items
– Die 100 times and obtain the Ring of Steel Protection in Majula from Saulden, the Crestfallen Warrior
– Invade Licia of Lindeldt with the Crushed Eye Orb, Majula rotunda
– Iill the optional Boss Royal Rat Authority or farm Rat Tails and Pharros’ Lockstones
– Activate some worthless Pharros’ contraptions(brighter areas, healing water etc.)
– Kill the remaining Insolent Phantom(drops nothing): light the single sconce, Undead Crypt
– Blacksmith Steady Hand McDuff, The Lost Bastille: light the sconce to get the Craftsman’s Hammer
– Brightstone Cove Tseldora: obtain the Pickaxe(you have to get an Undead Boar to follow you from the Royal Army Campsite to the building just before the cave full of spider webs).
– Get some Cracked Red Eye Orbs in Majula: kill all Enslaved Pigs 12x, then kill all Undead Boars 12x and then kill the Giant Undead Boar(does not respawn) for a guaranteed drop of 3 Orbs
– Gind and kill all Great Moths/transparent Great Moths
-find and kill all Invisible Hollows

A list of items traded back with a reliable Steam User from other character to this character:

– Another Hunter’s Blackbow(+10)
– Another Santier’s Spear(Unbroken)
– 1x Shotel +5(drop from Rhoy the Explorer Grave of Saint’s)
– 900x Arrow –> these types of arrows: Wood, Iron, Poison, Fire and Magic
– Blue Knight’s Halberd
– Scythe of Nahr Alma
– Melu Scimitar
– Sunset Staff
– Hexer’s Set
– Idol’s Chime
– Saint’s Set
– Ring of Resistence
– 20x Poison Moss
– 10x Common Fruit
– 10x Life Gem
– 5x Small Orange Burr


To use the save, extract it and copy/paste the file(s) in the path below.

  • C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsII\0140000100000001\
  • %appdata%\DarkSoulsII\0140000100000001\

Authors: Uledus, LightOfAcumen

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