Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – 100% Savegame

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – 100% Savegame

This is the 100% Savegame for GTA San Andreas PC.


Money $639.247.863
Game save 100% completed
Gang wars
Hot cofee mod enabled
Stamina 1000
Muscles 1000
Lung capacity 1000
Cycling skills 1000
Bike skills 1000
Driving skills 1000
Flying skills 1000
Respect 1000
Sex appeal 1000
Gambling skills 1000
Schools :
All completed 100%
Weapons :
Desert eagle
Double swan-off shotgun
Double micro smg
Sniper rifle
Night googles
All clothes
Tags 100%
Stunts 100%
Oysters 100%
Snapshots 100%
Horse shoes 100%
All weapons at hitman level (BEST)
All savehouses
Rare cars in almost every garage
No Cheats!

Author: NeoHack32


  1. Extract the compressed file.
  2. Right-click on extracted file (GTASAsf4.b) and choose Copy.
  3. Navigate to the game save folder, and paste the copied file there. If the Copy File dialog prompts, choose Copy and Replace. Game save folder may be different for each OS version, but usually its one of these:
    WIN7/WIN10: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\
    WINXP: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\
  4. Run your copy of GTA San Andreas and have fun!

Note for brand new game installation:

If you have a brand new game installation (which means you didn’t play game before using downloaded savegame), it is recommended to start the game, and exit right after the first mission starts. Do it before following the instructions above. This method will create necessary files within the game save directory.

How to fix bugs:

  1. Game crashes: Your GTA Version is not compatible with this savegame or some mods you installed before do not colaborate with the savegame. To fix your problem, pls use GTA SA v1.0 and(if necessary) deinstall map/car mods.
  2. Game starts from the beginnig: This may happen because of compatibility settings applied on gta_sa.exe! Disable compatibility mode (Right click on gta_sa.exe -> settings -> compatibility -> untick compatibility mode box -> apply -> ok) and try starting the application as admin. (Right click on gta_sa.exe -> launch as admin).
  3. The savegame cannot be detected: Follow instructions of step 2.

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