GTA IV – Simple Native Trainer for 2020 Patch

GTA IV - Simple Native Trainer for 2020 Patch

Simple Native Trainer for GTA IV 2020 Complete Edition.

GTA IV Native Trainer brings you lots of functions. It includes teleportation, vehicle spawning, the world’s simplest speedometer and other cool stuff. The usage of the trainer is pretty simple by having an in-game menu.


  • F3/F4 to display the menu.
  • NumPad 0 to go to the main menu.
  • NumPad 5 to click on a item.
  • NumPad 2 to go down.
  • NumPad 8 to go up.
  • NumPad 4 and NumPad 6 to scroll through submenu pages.

Installation: Copy all files into your gta iv main directory.

Author: Sjaak32

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