GTA San Andreas – Zolika1351’s Native Trainer/Mod Menu

GTA San Andreas - Zolika1351's Native Trainer/Mod Menu

This is one of the best cheat/trainer menus for GTA SA containing some unique features like watching any cutscene, handling editor, and weapons/cars settings in real time, starting gang wars, running any opcode, etc.

This is a type of trainer that hasn’t been made before for 3D era games, very similar to a typical trainer for GTA IV. It also supports objects.ini save/load so you can finally make giant ramps and share them with people like you can on IV. This trainer is compatible with VCS PC, all you need to do is change the Game value in the .ini to VCS.

Notable features:

  • Real-time weapon editor
  • Play cutscenes
  • Change stats with immediate effect (including fat, muscle, etc)
  • Show currently playing animations
  • Change colors of the HUD on the fly with ini save/load support
  • Auto-spam sprint and BMX pedal
  • Object Spawning with objects.ini save/load support
  • Car Recordings (with .ini save/load)
  • Set weapon skill
  • Change car model on the fly
  • Normal camera in actual cutscenes
  • Set interior ID
  • Set any font (ANY, even custom .ttf/.otf files that you’ve installed)


  • F7 — Open the menu
  • Num2/8 — Navigate itens
  • Num5 — Select
  • Num0 — Back
  • There are options in ZMenu.ini
  • Warning: some more advanced functions can crash the game, for example playing sound.

Hotkeys (for american keyboard layout):
(if you want to disable hotkeys, set Hotkeys=0 in ZMenu.ini)

  • RCTRL + Num1 – Fix Car
  • RCTRL + Num2 – Flip Car
  • RCTRL + Num3 – Clean Car
  • RCTRL + F2 – Toggle Special Godmode
  • ; – Infinite Ammo
  • 0 – Always Godmode
  • ‘ – Move forward through door
  • [ – Never Wanted
  • ] – Car Speedup
  • \ – Car Superbrake
  • F6 – Airbreak

Author: Zolika1351

Requirements: Silent’s ASI Loader, ModLoader

Download Links

Download 1Download 2Download 3

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