GTA Vice City: Ultimate Trainer V2

GTA Vice City: Ultimate Trainer V2

GTA Vice City Ultimate Trainer v2 by LithJoe.

Whats New in v2:

  • Added Inf Run
  • Added check to ensure compatable version of the exe is being used
  • Added Garage editor with load/save options
  • Added ‘hidden’ commandline option to autostart gtavc run ‘GTA Vice ultimate Trainer.exe hidden’
  • Fixed bug with decimal seperator on some machines being used as ‘,’ now will always be ‘.’
  • Fixed bug that made built in game cheats echo outside the game
  • Fixed money cheat, give 10k every time its pressed now

Author: LithJoe


Simply extract the files into the root of your gta vice folder, the same place that gta-vice.exe is.

How to use:

Start the trainer by running “GTA Vice ultimate Trainer.exe”. If you get any error messages here it is either because it is not in your gta vice folder or you have a incorrect version of the game.


  • The trainer WILL NOT WORK while the settings dialog box is open
  • You hotkey/cheat settings are saved in the keys.dat file
  • This trainer has been tested on win2k/xp using GTA VC v1.0
  • The garage editor is missing, maybe next release

Download Links

Download 1Download 2Download 3

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