GTA3 Ultimate Trainer V3

GTA3 Ultimate Trainer V3

GTA3 PC Ultimate Trainer +40 v3.

Fixed in v3:

  1. Inf Health Now does not affect peds, and you will die in water. This new code will need to be activated everytime you die. And can be turned on and off.
  2. Inf Ammo Now works in car and can be toggled.
  3. Flying Car code now works.

New in v3:

  • All keys are redifineable.
  • Garage Editor, You can now add cars to your garage make them any colour and Bullet proof, Flame proof, explosion proof and dint proof. You can also save you garages for later use.
  • Can now stop out car timer on police missions.
  • New code to stop money decreasing.
  • Screenshot function.
  • Respawn nearby if in water.
  • Pass Rampage mission function.
  • Freeze game function.
  • Give all 100 packages.
  • Give loads of money function.
  • MP3 randomizer avalibe, no more mp3s in the same order everym time you play.

Author: LithJoe


Copy and paste “GTA3 Ultimate Trainer v3.exe” and “keys.dat” into the GTA 3 folder (“gta3.exe” location). Ensure that Both the trainer exe and the keys.dat are in your GTA3 folder, otherwise the trainer will not load.

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