Just Cause 3 – 100% Save Game

Just Cause 3 - 100% Save Game

Save Game 100% for Just Cause 3 PC.

Save Game Details:

Game is 100% done with everything unlocked!


  1. Copy ALL my files from the “76561198085120393″ folder!
  2. Find your save folder located here: C:Users/YOURUSERNAME/Documents/Square Enix/Just Cause 3/Saves
  3. Paste it into your folder. It may be called something like 76561198085120393, but with different numbers!
  4. Start your game!
  5. IMPORTANT: DON’T use the folder 76561198085120393 (Every folder is unique) and delete your own! This will result in the game not loading the save! OPEN your save folder and copy/paste the files there!

Author: FliXide

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